SPASE Metadata Validator

Enter the URL or local path to the SPASE description, then click "Validate".
You can also select the version of the data model to use and whether to check external references like Resource IDs and URLs.

SPASE Data Model Version:  In XML  2.6.0  2.5.0  2.4.1  2.4.0  2.3.2  2.3.1  2.3.0  2.2.9  2.2.8  2.2.6  2.2.4  2.2.3  2.2.2  2.2.1  2.2.0  2.1.0  2.0.3  2.0.2  2.0.1  2.0.0  1.2.2  1.2.0  1.1.0  sim-1.0.0
Check References: Resource ID URL

Try some examples:
WindWavesTNR.xml (version 1.0.1 compliant)
WindWavesTNR.xml (version 1.1.0 compliant)
bad-WindWavesTNR.xml (will produce an error)
CL_SP_PEA_SPASE_V1_0_1.xml (version 1.0.1 compliant)
bad-CL_SP_PEA_SPASE_V1_0_1.xml (will produce an error)

This validation service uses XML schema and Java to perform the validation. It is part of the SPASE Resource Tools collection.

You can download XML schema definitions from: